Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Diet Overhaul - Juice!

So I think I should explain the new trend that I'm taking on here.  As I mentioned earlier, we have been revamping our diet and trying to head towards more healthy alternatives.  Most of this is based on some literature my parents have been reading.  My new recipes are now going to be heading in this direction, so they won't be amazing parties in your mouth, but I will only put up something I have tried and is actually tasty.

So far the experiment is going quite well! We have been doing a hybrid juice diet, thanks to the juicer we got from my parents and sister for Christmas.  I usually end up having a glass of my superjuice for breakfast and maybe a piece of fruit.  I eat solid food for lunch and dinner, but generally options that are 50-75% fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to Jacob Wever, I have a source of free range chicken eggs.  If you have never had free range eggs I suggest that you get some.  The differences are quite apparent.  Not only are the eggs tougher (I have to actually try pretty hard to break the yolks) and larger, they also have more flavour.

One of the great things about juicing is the fact that you can use discount produce.  You know, the yucky crap that is 50% off at the grocery store.  It may be yucky, but guess what! We're squeezing the juice out of it so who cares!  We have gotten all kinds of cheap produce that has made excellent juices.  As per my formulas... I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants.  I will put up some good recipes later, but for now I will post a few conclusions I have reached.

Things that are good for you but taste like crap on their own: Swiss Chard, Kale, Collard Greens, Broccoli.

Things that are good for you that don't taste good even when combined with other things: Ginger, Grapefruit.

Things that taste good and help mask other flavours: Pears, Pineapple, Apples, Raspberries, Blueberries and Bananas.

Most of the other things that I put in have a neutral flavour or are slightly bitter, but don't bother me too much.  I usually use Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery, Spinach (taste a little like dirt, but not too bad), and Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow).  We generally have 2 juices going on at any given time.  One which has more fruit in it, that we have for breakfast, and the other has more veg (especially protein veg).  I use this for a post workout energy drink.  One of the best benefits I have observed with the juice is that you get a huge boost of energy.  Not to say my body is no longer fatigued after working out, because it is! I'm just more alert and not hungry.  I should mention one point though.  You need to spend a little time 'training' your body so to speak.  We are all used to having full stomachs.  A full stomach means lots of nutrients (in theory, although not necessarily true in reality).  I spent the first few days drinking juice twice a day and my body was a little out of whack because of it.  My stomach would growl a little bit because there wasn't much in it, but at the same time, if I sat back and thought about it, I wasn't really hungry.  I used to have to eat every 4 hours or so, but with a large juice for breakfast, I was good for 5-6 hours.  If you choose to do this, just remember not to over eat.  Your body is getting much more nutrients this way that it was before. juice...

I found this chart today while thinking about the protein content of vegetables.  It comes from Dr. Fuhrman’s chart from Nutrient Density of Green Vegetables: I was fairly annoyed when I watched one body building video and the guy was saying that while he's training he avoids vegetables because it makes him bloated and doesn't fill him up. His diet was fish, chicken and rice or potatoes.  This chart helps to explain nutrient contents of Vegetables versus Meat.

For simply protein content, I also have this one.  I'm not sure where it came from but my cousin Polly Dritsas posted this on Facebook a while back.


  1. Awesome post! I'm glad to see that you are making good use of the juicer that you got for Christmas. It's amazing the boost that you get from drink a cup of green monster juice. I usually drink a cup in the afternoon before i begin my hour and a half commute home, it keeps me energized and alert which is what you need to be when you are in heavy commuter traffic. If anyone is interested, Dr. Fuhrman will be on Dr. Oz today.

  2. That was all very interesting. We need some good juicing recipes. I just tried a new one with beets & carrots mostly, it looks like blood. Tastes ok, but not my favorite.